Hair extensions add amazing length and volume to your hair. You want to make sure you're treating them right so that they'll last a long time and keep making you look great. It isn't hard to keep your extensions looking great, just take a few extra steps. It will be worth it!


  • •Use a Hair Extension Brush instead of a fine teeth comb. It prevents tangling and is specially designed so it won't pull or catch on the application points.


  • •  Brush 2 to 3 times a day and before showering or wetting hair. Hold the roots of your hair with one hand while brushing in a downward motion with the other. Brush gently, and be particularly careful with the bonds.

  • •  Avoid salty or chlorinated water. Salt and chlorine harm your hair extensions just like they harm your natural hair.

  • •  Apply any moisturizers or leave-in conditioner from the mid shaft down, avoiding the weft. Leave-in conditioners and hydrating oils are great for hair extensions, especially if they are feeling dry.


  • •  Use professional hair care products

  • Don't wash your hair too much. We recommend washing the hair as infrequently as posible and using a dry shampoo to absorb oils and make your hair feel and smell fresh. Certain hard or mineral intense water may also deteriorate bonds or the condition of the hair.


  • •Don't sleep with wet hair. Once your hair extensions are completely air dry, braid hair or tie it in a loose ponytail and tie with scarf or put under a hair bonnet.


  • •Don't use heat tools too often. Just like with natural hair, too much mechanical heat will damage hair. When you do use heat tools, be sure to use a heat protectant. You can also use non-heat methods to curl your hair extensions.

  • •Don't chemically process the hair too frequently as this eliminates hair cuticles and removes moisture. 

  • After Bleaching or Coloring hair be sure to use a leave-in conditioner and a moisturizer to add back oil into the hair. Your hair will last longer.


Step 1: Brush Your Extensions

The first and most important step is to brush your extensions out before getting them wet. This helps minimize the possibility of tangling during and after you have washed the hair. When brushing your extensions, we recommend to start from bottom to top in order to gently remove any tough knots without pulling the hair out. We recommend to use a wide-tooth comb or a soft bristle brush when working on your extensions.

In preparation for the wash, neatly place your wefts in separate piles/bundles, similar to the same way you first received them. 


Step 2: Prepare Your Sink

Ensure your sink is squeaky clean, plug the drain and begin to fill it up with luke warm water - we don’t want the water to be too hot or too cold. 

Squirt about 2-3 pumps or a small handful of shampoo in to the water and wave the water around to ensure the product is evenly dispersed. When working with your extensions, we recommend to use hair products that are alcohol free, sulfate free, and designed for coloured treated hair or extensions in order to ensure the color is preserved.

Step 3: Shampoo Each Weft

We recommend to split your set up in to small, manageable chunks of wefts to ensure every weft gets washed thoroughly and equally. Hold the top of the wefts in one hand, dunk them in to the water and start washing them. Gently work the shampoo into the hair with your fingers with light strokes, as we don’t want to tangle the hair. 

Once you’ve finished that bundle of wefts, set them aside neatly on a towel and repeat the same thing to the rest of the extensions. 

Step 4: Condition Your Extensions

This is a very important step as it helps ensure that your extensions remain moisturized, nourished, and soft. You can use regular conditioner or a deep conditioning hair treatment - either one will work.

Take a generous amount of conditioner or hair treatment and apply on each bundle of wefts from top to bottom, massaging the product thoroughly into the hair. 

In order for the product to really soak in and work it’s magic, we highly recommend to leave it on for at least an hour. Ideally, it would be best if the treatment was left on overnight. If this is the case, we recommend to put your extensions in a shower cap to leave overnight. This will help to seal in the moisture and really condition the hair. 

Once that time has passed, all you have to do now is rinse out the conditioner. Be sure to rinse out each weft thoroughly, otherwise, if there is product residue on the hair it may feel a bit greasy once it has dried, which is a big no-no. 

When you’re washing out each bundle or weft, we recommend to blast cold water on the hair for the last 10 seconds - bear with us, we know your hands will be cold, but this will help close the cuticles of the hair to seal in the moisture and make the extensions more shiny. Trust us - it’ll be worth it.


Step 5: Let The Extensions Air Dry

Before setting up your extensions to dry, be sure that the hair is completely wringed of water. We highly recommend to air dry the extensions in order to prolong their lifespan, as oppose to using heat. This is because using heat on hair that is not being constantly revitalized at the scalp can harm them in the long run. If you do decide to use a blowdryer, be sure to use a heat protectant spray and set it to cool air to prevent damage. 

Lay out all of your wefts separately on a towel on a flat surface. A trick to preventing any frizz once the hair drys is to apply a small amount of hair oil to each weft to ensure the hair remains manageable and silky smooth. 


Step 6: Comb Each Weft

Typically, we never recommend to comb through wet hair as it’s more elastic and can break easily, however, in order to ensure that your extensions dry straight with little to no tangles, we recommend to gently brush through each weft with a wide-tooth comb from bottom to top.